“I know everybody at Clicks and everyone knows me!” Shinaaz Dreyer is not being boastful when she says this, having been with the company for the past 14 years. From starting out as a Christmas casual worker in 2003, she has worked at Golden Acre and head office and has been a category assistant with the exclusive brand Claire’s for the past four years. Shinaaz, 43, is a single parent of three children and takes pride in the fact that she has been nominated five times for being the star worker of the month. “I enjoy being in the Clicks family because it is like a family, I spend more time at my workplace than at home, so I am passionate about the people and the fact that there is room for growth and development, with lots of training that you can attend,” she said.

Shinaaz is very service orientated and enjoys being able to see to the needs of the customer: “Customers are our first priority and I always see to them first,” she said. Shinaaz believes the two-way stream between herself and her employer will ensure many more years working together.

“Clicks is my destiny, I will go nowhere, they are my family and will be my family for the future,’’ she said. When the organisation launched its employee share option programme in 2011, Shinaaz already had her sights on making it benefit her and her children.

“I always planned to use my ESOP to buy a house or put down a deposit. I will be paying the bulk of the amount into the bond, which will make a drastic impact on my life and my kids’ lives, that they have an investment one day. I have struggled my whole life and ESOP will change my life drastically in a very good way. Thanks Clicks, and thank the Lord,” she said.