• STEP 1

    Establish whether you are an ESOP beneficiary

    In terms of the trust deed, in order to be an ESOP beneficiary you needed to have been a full time, permanent employee of Clicks Group Limited between 2 February 2011 and 1 February 2015. That means that you must either have been an existing employee in the group on 2 February 2011, or that you must have started employment in the group between 2 February 2011 and 1 February 2015 to qualify.

    If you resigned within the first three years of the ESOP or if you did not complete three years of uninterrupted employment during the period that the ESOP runs – or if you were dismissed from employment in the group – then you do not qualify as a beneficiary.If you are aware of people who you think are beneficiaries, please encourage them to register on the ESOP website!


    Welcome to the ESOP by Felicity Nyathi

    Group’s Rewards Officer, Felicity Nyathi and Employee Benefits specialist, Kashiefa Martin unpack share ESOP share options, who qualifies to be a beneficiary, ways to gain access to your share profile through Investec and give advice on how to make the right choices regarding your share options.


  • STEP 2

    Register on the ESOP website www.clicksesop.co.za and ensure that your personal details are updated

    Setting your password on the ESOP website will only take a few minutes! From then on, your secret password will be the golden key that will allow you to go into your ESOP account at any time and from any device (including your smart phone), as long as you have your user name and password. If you need assistance to set up your password, please contact the Investec team on 0861 255 525/555.

    You will also be able to view your share information – although please be aware that the information on the website will be verified, and may be adjusted in the coming months in the event of any promotions, demotions or terminations.


    The Importance of Updating Your Details by Bertina Englebrecht

    Click’s Group HR Director, Bertina Engelbrecht explains what Master Data is and how it relates to your benefits as a beneficiary. She also explains the importance of updating your information as active and former beneficiaries


  • STEP 3

    Empower yourself

    Read all the communication that will be sent to you in the coming months regarding the ESOP. The communication will focus on your options and explain all the important processes that are taking place. You will receive useful information on how to use the money you will receive as an opportunity to change your life, grow you wealth and leave a lasting legacy. Attend any information sessions regarding ESOP so that you are well informed and can ask any questions you may have.


  • STEP 4

    Take charge of your financial future

    The money or shares that you receive will have an impact on the tax you will have to pay and could have other impacts on your financial affairs. It is important that you make yourself aware of what these impacts will be so that you can make good decisions and be in charge of your financial future.

    If you are not sure about how to invest your ESOP pay out or you would like information about your options and any tax implications, please get financial advice.

    It is important that you seek financial advice from an accredited financial advisor.

    While a person you speak to at work or at home might sound like they know what they are talking about, if they are not an accredited adviser you should not be relying on their advice.

    The Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) can also offer financial wellness counselling.

    EWP can be contacted on 0800 611 102.

    Summit is the preferred provider for financial advice and can be contacted on 087 806 1011.


    Boost Your Retirement Savings by Caroline Brown

    Clicks Reward Manager, Caroline Brown discusses how to grow your retirement funds and the different ways one can invest their ESOP payouts. She also discussed the Clicks retirement age and when one will be eligible to gain access to their retirement funds. Caroline also discusses the importance of seeking advice from financial advisors.


  • STEP 5

    Make an election

    You become entitled to your final ESOP benefits in two stages, being February 2018 and February 2019. Your share allocation will be split equally between these two dates – half in 2018 and half in 2019.

    You need to decide whether you want to receive shares or cash on each of these dates. You can decide to receive cash in one year, and shares in the other. If you would like to receive shares, you have to make a decision about how you want to pay the tax that you will owe.


    3 Options for Beneficiaries by Richard Jahnig

    Head of Group Finance, Richard Jahnig explains what will happen once the Clicks ESOP pays out. What steps you need to take if you want to own Clicks shares in the future and how to open a share account.


  • STEP 6

    Get ready for one of the most rewarding opportunities of your life!